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Ah, what could we tell you? We all want to be loved. We don't get to experience love the most of times. Our daily lives are boring, waking up, going to office, spending the life as time passes. But what if there's a place where you could just visit and feel all the love? Don't chuckle. We aren't joking. We are a pet themed restaurant. Not just the ambience is pet themed but we do have real cats and dogs where you could come and play with them to feel all the love. We can't express ourselves much. You should visit us to know what exactly we are talking about.

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Twisty Tails - Pet themed restaurant in Chennai

Our puppies in Nungambakkam
We have 16 puppies. All are cuddle pillows. Those little eyes, you know they're worth melting for. They're extremely naughty too. Come and get surrounded by love
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Our cats in Nungambakkam
We have 17 cats. Each of different characteristics. Most of times, they'd be wondering why they all gang up together and capture the world
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Our Shih Tzu puppies in Anna Nagar
Do you know how to define cuteness? We promise you to show some answers. These furballs takes our breathe away. Genuinely overwhelming place filled with love
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How our restaurant
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We've some crazy pet themed ambience which could make you go Awww when you visit. And what are waiting for?

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Pet themed restaurant in Chennai

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Those who visit our restaurants has amazing experience. It'll be one of a lifetime experience

Jessie Shri
1 week ago
Amazing pet restaurant where you can unwind your mind by playing with chubby cats and playful dogs. Not to mention, the delectable cheesy pizzeria is must.
Sundar A
3 weeks ago
Awsome Ambience.. Best places for kids to enjoy with pet dogs. Excellent food menu and reasonable price.
12 days ago
A soothing place for a proper stress relief! The dogs and the cats are properly groomed and they are absolutely friendly. The trainers are always close to the pets for safety reasons. The food here is also good. A go to place if you are a pet lover!
1 week ago
Visited Twisty tails, Anna nagar two days back, awesome place for pet lovers and the food was great was a wonderful experience. Kids loved every moment of playing with the dogs. Ambience was good and it was well maintained. Service was friendly, attentive and quick. Suresh took care of us really well. Would visit again for the wonderful experience.
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